The Benton County Fair’s 112th Anniversary is August 9th through 13th, 2016 and because of you we are certain to be here for your grandchildren’s grandchildren. Generations of Benton County families have created, enjoyed and benefited from what is widely recognized as the best county fair in the area and this year your help is needed more than ever!  

Generations of kids have benefited from the hard work and lessons learned from participating in 4-H, FFA and other programs. Neighbors have competed with their livestock for top prizes and bragging rights. Artists have showcased their talents and sold their paintings, photographs, and art at the fair. Skilled craftsmen and women, bakers and more have bravely offered their treasured work to be inspected and judged by strangers.

The benefits to you are real, some measurable such as jobs created, dollars circulated into the community, and charitable organizations funded. Other benefits are not so easily measured; the renewal of long friendships, new friendships from common effort established, and perhaps the most rewarding is the joy of the children learning life skills at the Benton County Fair.

With deep gratitude, we at the Benton County Fair thank you for your support of this community treasure.