2017 Fair Schedule

August 8, 2017

August 9, 2017

August 10, 2017

August 11, 2017

August 12, 2017

Horse Show
Saturday August 12, 2017
7AM - Registration
9AM - Horse Show
In The Horse Arena



  1. Open to Benton County active FFA and/or 4H members ONLY; open to horses of all breeds, registered and grade.
  2. Entry fees of $3.00 per class charged.
  3. Registration for the show opens at 7:00 a.m. Halter/showmanship entries must be received by 7:30 a.m. Show will begin at 8:00 a.m.
  4. Horses will be judged by breed rules.
  5. English Pleasure classes may be ridden hunt seat of saddle seat.
  6. In Equitation classes, the rider is to be judged. Pattern and/or rail work will be at the judge’s discretion in the Equitation classes requiring a canter; rail work only in 10 & Under Walk Trot Equitation classes.
  7. Proper attire per breed standards is requested.
  8. Juvenile age is 18 and under as of January 1, 2016.
  9. Negative Coggins test is required within the past twelve months for all animals over 6 months old. Photocopies will not be accepted; VS 10-11 carbon copies or the official EIA Test Card are acceptable.
  10. All Exhibitors competing in speed classes will be required to wear a SEI certified safety helmet.
  11. Open Halter Classes
    a.) To be judged per breed type. Horses shall be shown in hand at a walk and trot. Emphasis shall be placed on breed type, conformation, substance and quality. Transmissible weaknesses are to be counted strongly against breeding stock. Horses must be serviceably sound.
  12. Showmanship
    a.) Handler is to be judged on his/her ability to show the animal to its best advantage per breed standards. 4-H or breed standards for the performance halter and horse will be adhered to as closely as possible, i.e. judged on the quarter horse system, with the exception of miniature horses, which will be shown on the half system (exhibitor must be on the opposite half of the horse from the judge). 
  13. Walk Only – Headers allowed
    a.) For juveniles 10 years and younger (exception: handicapped riders may be any age.) English or western attire, juveniles will enter the arena to the right at a walk. Exhibitors will perform at a  walk only, without being led, both ways of the ring. The exhibitor may have a header (handler) at any position of the ring, i.e. walking on the rail with the exhibitor, or a short distance from the exhibitor, or towards the center of the ring, to assist the rider if necessary.
  14. Equitation
    a.) Horses must be able to perform the gaits required for equitation classes, but riders are to be judged for proper seat, hands and leg position. Riders’ ability to control the horse and perform the class specifications along with their suitability to the horse, with proper posture and balance are of primary importance, thereby portraying total harmony between horse and rider.
    b.) Equitation classes will be judged on a pattern only.
    c.) Exception: Walk-Trot Equitation will be judged on rail work only, no pattern. Riders will walk and trot both ways of the ring and may be ask to halt and/or back.
  15. English Pleasure
    a.) To be shown at a 4-beat walk, posting 2-beat normal trot, and 3 beat canter both directions of the ring; To be shown with light contact with all reins at all time at all gaits, giving a distinct appearance of being a pleasure to ride with the horse displaying a pleasurable attitude. All gaits performed with willingness and obvious easy, cadence, balance and smoothness. To be judged on performance, soundness, manners, and suitability to purpose.
  16. Western Pleasure
    a.) Bits: western horses may be shown in ring snaffles or bosals regardless of horses age. (These bits require two hands on the reins) However, if a shank type bit is used, the rider must use one hand on the reins.
    b.) Whips are not allowed in western pleasure
    c.) Horses must stand quietly and back readily, to be judged on manners, performance, substance and conformation.
    d.) Walk-Trot classes will require a walk and trot in both directions of the ring. Horses should stand quietly and back readily.
  17. Definition of gates
    a.) Walk – Brisk, true flat-footed with good reach
    b.) Normal Trot – 2-beat at medium speed with moderate collection. Must be mannerly, cadenced, balanced and free moving. (post required in english)
    c.) Canter – 3-beat, faster and stronger, lengthened stride, collection correct and straight on both leads.

2016 Benton County Fair Open Breed Horse Show

Benton County Fair Grounds

1. Open Halter – Mares
2. Open Halter – Geldings
3. Open Halter Championship (1st and 2nd places from classes 1,2)
4. Juvenile Showmanship at Halter – 13 and under
5. Senior Showmanship at Halter – 14-18 years old

6. 10 and Under English Equitation Walk/Trot – No Pattern
7. Juvenile English Pleasure 13 & Under Walk/Trot
8. Senior English Pleasure 14-18 years Walk/Trot
9. Juvenile English Equitation 13 & Under
10. Senior English Equitation 14-18 years
11. Juvenile English Pleasure 13 & Under
12. Juvenile English Pleasure 14-18 years
13. Juvenile English Pleasure Championship 18 & Under (1st and 2nd in classes #7,8,11,12)


14. Lead line – 6 and Under
15. Juvenile walk only – Headers allowed
16. 10 and Under Western Equitation Walk/Trot – No Pattern
17. Juvenile Western Pleasure 13 and Under Walk/Trot
18. Senior Western Pleasure 14-18 years – Walk/Trot
19. Juvenile Western Equitation 13 and under
20. Senior Western Equitation 14-18 years
21. Juvenile Western Pleasure 13 and Under
22. Senior Western Pleasure 14-18 years
23. Juvenile Western Pleasure Championship (1st and 2nd in classes 17,18,21,22)


24. Juvenile Barrels 13 and Under
25. Senior Barrels 14-18 years
26. Juvenile Poles 13 and Under
27. Senior Poles 14-18 years
28. Juvenile flags 13 and under
29. Senior Flags 14-18 years
30. Ranch Pleasure
31. Ranch Halter