general livestock rules

2017 Fair Schedule

August 8, 2017

August 9, 2017

August 10, 2017

August 11, 2017

August 12, 2017


All general livestock rules of the fair apply to any livestock department. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to be familiar with them.


Any health concerns that may arise with livestock at the Benton County Fair MUST be checked by the Fair designated Veterinarian, chosen by the 2017 Livestock Committee that Veterinarian will determine if the animal needs to be released from the Benton County Fairgrounds. If the chosen Veterinarian releases your livestock, they must be removed IMMEDIATLY!  Any exhibitor that removes their livestock from the Benton County Fairgrounds WITHOUT permission from the 2017 Livestock Committee will forfeit ALL premium money!

  1. Exhibitors whose animals require health papers will submit those papers to the inspection agent upon when entering their animals for inspection of paperwork and animals, prior to entering the Fairgrounds. All animals must be inspected during time specified; no late or early check INS.
  2. All 4-H/FFA exhibitors must be an ACTIVE Benton County 4-H or FFA member in Good Standing at the time of nomination/entry as well as time of the fair.
  3. Any exhibitor administering a drug to an animal which would render the carcass unfit for human consumption or any exhibitor of an animal producing an analysis indicating the presence of an unapproved drug that can result in a quantitative change in the characteristic of the animal will be required to return all premium money and could be banned from further competition.
  4. Any animal receiving medication prescribed by a vet must be registered with the superintendent at the time they are entered in the fair.
  5. All entries and fees for registered beef, registered dairy, registered dairy goats, breeding sheep, and rabbits must be submitted on an official entry form (no call-in entries). They must be received at the Benton County Fair Office or postmarked by July 1, 2017 or late fees will apply. Late entries will be accepted from July 2nd-8th, 2016 with a late fee of $50 per head for small animals and $100 per head for large animals. No late entries will be accepted after July 8, 2017. Incomplete entries will not be accepted. Please submit a different form for each department. Entry forms available at Benton County Extension Office.
  6. All exhibitors will be responsible for entering their animals with the superintendent at the time listed in the schedule of events. No animal will be entered after that time. This means that when reaching the Fairgrounds you must see the superintendent of your show and have your animals entered in their books. If you do not enter them prior to the specified time, there is a good chance that you will not be able to show. You must go to the superintendent: don’t make them come to you.
  7. Wood shavings only will be used for bedding material in stalls of meat animals. Exhibitors of dairy animals may cover the shavings with some grass bedding.
  8. The quality of each exhibit must be maintained throughout the entire fair. The superintendent may require anyone to remove their exhibit if it is not maintained. Exhibitors will be expected to keep their animals fed and watered or with clean water during the entire fair week. Exhibitors are to keep the pens or exhibit area clean throughout the entire week. Pens and exhibit area must be cleaned daily and must be presentable to the public at all times. At any time during fair week the superintendent may require, at superintendent’s discretion, the exhibitor to clean his or her area.
  9. OWNERSHIP: This date indicates the date that the animal(s) must be owned by, and in the possession of and care of the Jr. Exhibitor who will enter and show the animal at the 2017 Benton County Fair. Registration certificates of ownership must be provided when requested by the superintendent. Junior and Senior Showmanship contest exhibitors must show their own animal in order to be considered for contest.
  10. Judges shall award premiums only in classes named in premium list and on animals properly entered.
  11. No animal will be awarded premiums unless exhibited before the judge at the time and place specified by the superintendent.
  12. Decisions of awarding judges will be final.
  13. Where fewer animals are shown than number of premiums offered, the judges may at their discretion, award prize or prizes of such grade as they determine the animal deserves.
  14. Benton County 4-H and FFA, members are eligible to show in the Junior Department. Exhibitors must not be married or have ever been married, pregnant or have had a child. They may exhibit no later than the fall after graduating or dropping out of high school. Exhibitors five (5) to eight (8) years of age may be eligible to show in the sheep, hog and goat shows & beef & dairy cattle shows, but will not be eligible for the Junior Livestock Auction.
  15. No junior will be allowed to show in the Open Division unless competition has been established; then, only the first and second place Jr. Show animals can compete within the breed class.
  16. The superintendent will direct the arrangement of all animals on exhibit in their department. They shall give such instructions to the awarding judges or committee as will result in judicious action and decide all questions which may be presented in accordance with the regulations governing the department; and shall allow no one except judges and showman in the show ring when exhibits are being judged.
  17. Grooming chutes must be put up in designated areas only.
  18. Bedding: Storage of large quantities of feed or bedding in the building will not be permitted. Extra feed and bedding must be kept in your trucks or trailers in the assigned area.
  19. Brucellosis regulations will be required for beef and dairy animals, with the exception of steers.
  20. If Arkansas is a Class Free State, Arkansas cattle are exempt from brucellosis testing. If Arkansas is not a Class Free State, then the following testing requirements must be met: Negative brucellosis test within (90) ninety days prior to exhibition, for females and bulls (18) eighteen months of age and older. All heifers that have calved or are bred must be tested. Animals originating from a Certified Brucellosis Free Herd are exempt if the Certified Free Herd number is shown on certificate.
  21. All females that are (4-18) four to twelve months of age shall be vaccinated before entering show.
  22. Females that are over (18) twelve months of age and are not officially calf hood vaccinated will not be allowed to show (unless they are from a Certified Brucellosis Free Herd).
  23. Arkansas Swine: (Premise I.D. tags and Rhinitis must be checked by State Vet's at entry gate)
  • Animals six (6) months old or older to be tested negative for brucellosis within 90 days of exhibition or originate directly out of Validated Herd, with Validation number and date of last herd test shown on certificate (barrows exempt from brucellosis testing, but must be pseudo rabies tested). Hogs must have Livestock and Poultry Commission’s issued Premises Identification (I.D.) Contact Swine superintendent for more information.
  • Animals to be tested negative for pseudo rabies regardless of age within 90 days of the exhibition on a test approved by the state veterinarian or originate directly out of a Qualified Pseudo rabies Free Herd, with Qualified Herd number and date of last test shown on certificate.
  • All animals will be inspected INSIDE the trailer PRIOR to entering the barn area of the Benton County Fairgrounds, any animal that shows signs or is contagious, infectious, and may have communicable diseases (erysipelas, atrophic rhinitis, ringworm, fungus, etc.); the ENTIRE trailer will be sent home immediately!
  1. Arkansas Sheep and Goats: See attached Sheep & Goat Health Requirements. All sheep and Goats will be inspected on the trailer. Sheep or goats showing symptoms of disease, particularly fungus, ringworm, foot rot, sore mouth, sheep pox, and scrapie, will not be allowed to show and must be removed from the Fairgrounds. All sheep and Goats must have Premise I.D. tags, Check with Sheep and Goat Superintendents for more information.
  2. Sheep, Hogs and Goats may be examined on grounds by fair personnel, veterinarians, or state-federal personnel. Sheep and Goats showing evidence of any other disease will be released immediately. All Sheep, Hogs and Goats must have Premises I.D. & Scrapie Tag/Tattoo. Contact County Extension Office for more information.
  3. All registered goats entering the fairgrounds must be accompanied by a registration certificate (in exhibitor’s name) with matching permanent identification.
  4. No parking will be allowed in the livestock area from 8 am until 10 pm. This rule will be strictly enforced and violators will have their vehicles towed at owner’s expense.
  5. Anyone protesting a rule violation should file a written grievance with the superintendent of the show. A protest non-refundable deposit of $100.00 should be filed at that time. The protest must be filed within 24 hours of the show in which the violation allegedly occurred. If laboratory tests are necessary to prove the protest accurate and fees incurred, the person proven guilty of the rule violation will be required to pay those fees. Should the testing not prove a rule violation, the protester will be required to pay any fees incurred.
  6. Livestock Committee is responsible for the establishment and enforcement of the general livestock rules and enforcement of the IAFE Code of Show Ring Ethics as well as coordinating the use of space and facilities in the livestock areas.
  7. Any method of drenching is prohibited unless done by a licensed vet for medical reasons.
  8. All livestock must remain within 50 feet of the Livestock building through the ENTIRE fair. NO livestock will be allowed on the midway, concession area, camping area or commercial areas. KEEP YOUR LIVESTOCK IN THE LIVESTOCK AREA ONLY!!
  9. Every exhibitor must provide a business sized SELF ADDRESSED envelope to the fair office by August 12, 2017. Or you WILL NOT receive your premium checks!
  10. Superintendent has the right to arrange pens as needed, ALL exhibitors MUST use the pens you are assigned or you will be ask to leave immediately. Check with your superintendent if you have issues with your pen assignment!