FAir Schedule

2018 Fair Schedule

August 7, 2018

August 8, 2018

August 9, 2018

August 10, 2018

August 11, 2018

Saturday - August 5, 2017

8:00 AM                Livestock Barn Clean Up (All Exhibitors)                Livestock Barn

9AM - 5PM           Entries accepted in Home Arts & Fine Arts             Exhibit Hall

9AM - 5PM           4-H Educational Booth Setup                                    Exhibit Hall

10AM - 5PM         Entries accepted in 4H & All Other Youth                Exhibit Hall

10AM - 5PM         Entries accepted in Adult Photography                   Exhibit Hall

Sunday - August 6, 2017

1PM - 3PM          Educational Booth Setup                                           Exhibit Hall

2PM                     Miss & Junior Pageant Interviews                             Auditorium

Monday - August 7, 2017

8AM - 10AM        Entries accepted Food Preparation                        Exhibit Hall

9AM                     Judging in Home Arts                                              Exhibit Hall

9AM - 7PM          Entries accepted in Fine Arts Dept                         Exhibit Hall

4PM - 9PM          Animals accepted in Dairy Goat Dept                     Livestock Gate

4PM - 8PM          Animals accepted in Market Goat Dept                  Livestock Gate

4PM - 8PM          Animals accepted in Sheep Dept                            Livestock Gate

4PM - 9PM         Animals accepted in Swine Dept                             Livestock Gate

4PM - 9PM         Animals accepted in Beef Dept                                Livestock Gate

Tuesday - August 8, 2017

8AM - 9AM          Market Lamb Weigh in Sheep Dept                           Livestock Barn

8AM - 10AM        Animals accepted in Swine Dept                               Livestock Barn

8AM - 12PM        Animals accepted in Dairy Dept                                Livestock Barn

8AM - 12PM        Animals accepted in Beef Dept                                 Livestock Barn

9AM - 1PM          Animals accepted in Rabbit Dept                              Rabbit Barn

9AM - 6PM          Entries accepted in the Flower Dept                         Exhibit Hall

10AM                  Dairy Goat Show (Large Arena)                                 Livestock Barn

11AM - 12PM     Market Hog Weigh in Swine Dept                              Livestock Barn

1PM                    Fair Gates Open

1PM - 7PM         Entries accepted in Agronomy Dept                          Exhibit Hall

3PM                   Mkt/Commercial/Breeding Meat Goat Show              Livestock Barn

5PM                   Carnival Opens                                                             Midway

6PM                   Beauty Pageant                                                            Auditorium

6PM - 7PM        Steer & Commercial Heifer Weigh in                           Livestock Barn

Wednesday - August 9, 2017

9AM                     Fair Gates Open

9AM                     Judging of Floral & Agronomy Exhibits                  Exhibit Hall

9AM                     Rabbit Judging Rabbit Barn

9AM                     Dairy Cattle Showmanship (Large Arena)               Livestock Barn

9:30AM                Dairy Cattle Show (Large Arena)                             Livestock Barn

4PM                     Animal Shows                                                            Livestock Barn

                            Cloverbud Market Hog 

                            Cloverbud Showmanship

                            Junior Market Hog

                            Junior Commercial Gilt

                            Junior Showmanship

                            Junior & Open purebred Show

5PM                    Carnival Opens                                                           Midway

5PM                    Goat Yoga                                                                    Horse Arena

6PM                    Breeding Beef Show (Large Arena)                          Livestock Barn

Thursday - August 10, 2017

9AM                     Fair Gates Open (Senior Citizen Day)

9AM                     Market Lamb Show / Showmanship                        Livestock Barn

10AM                   Senior Citizen Bingo                                                 Auditorium

1PM                     4H / FCCLA Consumer Judging                               Exhibit Hall

2PM                     4H / FCCLA FCS Skillathon                                      Exhibit Hall

5PM                     Carnival Opens                                                          Midway

6PM                     Cloverbud Lamb Show / Showmanship                  Livestock Barn

                             Breeding Sheep Show                                              Livestock Barn

7PM                     Cloverbud / Beef Showmanship                              Livestock Barn

                            Commercial Heifer Show

                            Steer Show

7PM                     Mutton Bustin & Calf Scramble                               Horse Arena

Friday - August 11, 2017

8AM - 8:30AM    Registration for Dairy / Livestock Judging               Livestock Barn

9AM                    Fair Gates Open 

9AM                    Livestock Skills                                                           Livestock Barn

9:30AM               Dairy / Livestock Judging                                          Livestock Barn

10AM                  Goat Yoga                                                                    Horse Arena

10AM                  Youth Talent Rehearsal                                              Auditorium

3PM                    Goat Costume Contest                                               Livestock Barn

3PM                    NWA Polo  Youth/JR and Adult                                 Horse Arena

5PM                    Youth Talent Show                                                      Auditorium

5PM                    Carnival Opens                                                           Midway

7PM                    Lawn Tractor Pull                                                       South of Midway

7PM                    Equestrian Show Jumping                                        Horse Arena

7PM                    Beautiful Bovine Contest                                           Livestock Barn

7PM                    Showjumping Jackpot                                               Horse Arena

Saturday - August 12, 2017

7AM                    Horse Show Registration                                          Horse Arena

9AM                    Fair Gates Open

9AM                    Horse Show                                                                Horse Arena

1PM                    Awards Ceremony                                                      Auditorium

2:30PM               Antique Tractor Pull                                                  South Of Midway

3PM                    Carnival Opens Midway

3PM                    Barrel Racing Exhibition                                           Horse Arena

5PM                    Barrel Racing (Youth/JR & Adult)                             Horse Arena

5PM                    Buyers Dinner for Livestock Auction                       Livestock Barn

6:30PM               Jr. Livestock Auction                                                 Livestock Barn

Sunday - August 13, 2017

7AM - 2PM          Release of Livestock Animals                                   Livestock Barn

1PM - 3PM           All exhibit hall entries pickup                                   Exhibit Hall

All livestock MUST be removed from the livestock barn and ALL pens on the 

small animal side must be completely cleaned by 2:00 PM on Sunday!